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Thursday, November 18, 2010

"NVIDIA " Announces The Newest Quadro Range Of Graphic Cards !

  • NVIDIA gave the media a live demo of the Quadro’s amazing performance by having it render a scene. The same scene was also being rendered by a CPU as a sort of comparison. The Quadro rendered the image 12 times faster than the CPU. The colours, shadows, sharpness were miles ahead of the image rendered by the CPU. 
  • NVIDIA has offering a range of Quadro cards at various price points to suit your needs, the Quadro 600 will retail for Rs.13,134, the Quadro 2000 for Rs.39,534, the Quadro 4000 for Rs. 79,134, the Quadro 5000 for Rs.1,64,934 and the Quadro 6000 for Rs.3,39,934.
  • All the above products are available through NVIDIA’s channel partners, while the Leadtek and Quadro Plex 7000 will be available by the years end and will cost you Rs.14,500. Mobile Workstation will be available from Dell and HP with the Quadro 5000M.
  • Quadro cards for Mac (Quadro 4000) will be available at select Apple resellers and will retail for $1,199. 



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