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Monday, January 31, 2011

Alarm Clock Docking for iPhone

This iPhone docking station alarm clock from iHome has been designed specifically from the outset for use with Apple’s iPhone and, apart from offering complete control of your iPhone courtesy of an included remote, comes with bright, high-contrast display and a series of programmable alarms allowing you the wake to either a buzzer, a selected playlist or the radio at differing times
Naturally, the iHome comes with a a series of radio program presets and you’ll also be able to receive incoming calls whilst your iPhone is docked. The unit will also charge your iPhone whilst coupled ensuring that your iPhone is fully charged when it comes to leaving the house.Certainly the most alluring alarm clock docking station specifically designed for use with Apple’s iPhone, the iHome iPhone Docking Station Alarm Clock AM/FM Radio is due to be released soon though, at the time of writing, pre-orders are being accepted from those anxious to secure one.


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