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Monday, January 17, 2011

AVADirect Westmere-EP Xeon

AVADirect, based in Cleveland, Ohio, specializes in creating custom gaming PCs, notebooks and just about any other type of system you could imagine. TheAVADirect Westmere-EP Xeon is one of their many pre-built gaming PCs and offers quite a bit of power for any gamer out there. Much like some of the other custom-built computer companies out there, their prices seem a little high – however, the variety of their product lineup is outstanding.


The video card in a gaming PC needs to be able to handle any game out right now and should work with any game that comes out in the next few years. The AVADirect Westmere-EP Xeon uses an ATI Radeon HD 5870 with 1GB of memory; this is not the most powerful card on the market but will certainly get the job done for pretty much any current games. This card can become even more effective if paired with another 5870, or you can simply upgrade to a higher-end card. The audio is produced through a simple eight-channel surround sound system that is integrated on the motherboard.


The processor is the brain of any good gaming PC, so it should not only be powerful for today’s computers but should also be able to handle future configurations as well. Unlike all of the other gaming PCs on our site, the AVADirect Westmere-EP Xeon uses an Intel Zeon E5620 rather than the typical 7 series. The Zeon E5620 is still a quad-core processor with eight threads; it just simply runs at a slower speed of only 2.4GHz, which is a little disappointing. Even with the reduced speed this system should have no problems when it comes to the world of gaming.


Having enough memory or RAM is not only a good idea but a must when it comes to building a gaming machine. Having high-quality RAM such as DDR3 that runs at 1600MHz is a necessity. AVADirect understands this very well and has included 6GB of DDR3 RAM and two different storage devices. The first is a 60GB SSD (solid state drive), which is a very welcome surprise, and the second is a 1TB hard drive for loading all of your games and other media. We were very pleased with the computer's performance this area and know it will be more than enough for most gamers.


AVADirect offers its customers quite a few ways of getting in touch with tech support. A phone number, email, live chat and a community section are all available for those who have issues or simply need to ask a question. We would like to have seen a FAQs section for quick answers and a page for driver downloads, but even without these things their site still did quite well in this area.


AVADirect is a company focused on producing some of the best and highest-quality products for their customers. They shine in large business computers and do very well when it comes to gaming PCs. The AVADirect Westmere-EP Xeon is one example of a system that can be customized in a variety of ways. We would like to see slightly lower prices and a little better hardware, but for the most part this system will get most gamers by for the next few years.


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