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Saturday, January 22, 2011

intel pentium 4 chip

Already in May it was clear that i845E and i845G won't officially support DDR333, as this standard was adopted too late these products were developed without it in mind. In May it was also clear that updated chipset version would be released in fall, supporting DDR333 under any conditions. i845G + PC2700 testing proved the significant boost, provided by this memory, and possible appeal of such a combination for users not willing to use RDRAM for some reason (though our tests have repeatedly proved that i850E provides the best performance today). At that our researches proved great instability of i845G-based boards operating with DDR333 (due to this even today we are forced to use the same Chaintech 9BIF0, as in May), so today's chipset couple is attractive at least by simultaneous performance and stability.


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