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Monday, January 31, 2011

Live 22 concept phone with Contextual Text Mode

Now to start this of my friends when I saw this concept phone by the name of Live 22 I straight away in my head thought “stick the iPhone right up where the sun does not shine” please do sit back and get comfy and stare at the big Live 22 picture below and then come back to us in the comments box below and tell me that you do not like it, I think you will have to agree this is one sexy looking phone.
Not only is the Live 22 concept phone sleek and sexy with I want that bloody phone now appeal but it also has a cool feature up its sleeve, the feature will let you call objects you know like you could place a call a place a fill up that device with messages. It has 3 mode functions which are Call Mode which operates like a normal mobile phone, Call 1 or conference with more than one person, now the good bit; Contextual Text Mode which will allow you too send text messages to all devices in an environment like a television or computer you get my drift. The 3rd mode is called Glance


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