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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Look3D Gives You Affordable Options for 3D Glasses


Tired of buying or renting a new pair of 3D glasses every time you go to see a new movie at the theater? Want something a little more stylish than the lenses that came with your new 3D TV? Looking for an affordable option that won’t break your bank like those Gucci glasses you’ve heard about? Look3D has tons of styles to choose from and they’re all RealD certified.

Whether you’re a hipster trying to fit in and still take in the 3D experience or a kid at heart looking to put a little Shrek into your step, Look3D offers several styles of glasses to choose from and they’re all affordable (roughly $30 a pair). They’ve got wire rims, plastic, themed glasses (Harry Potter, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean) and even disposables.

Want to see 3D but can’t go without your prescription lenses? Look3D even has clip–ons.

Of course the big catch is that these are all RealD lenses and if you’re going to see film shot for a competing format you’re out of luck.

Still, if you want to get your glasses on without looking too dorky and can’t stomach forking out hundreds of dollars for glasses you’re only going to wear while watching movies, you should check these guys out.


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