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Monday, January 17, 2011

Microsofts Shiny New Xbox 360


We Review The New Xbox 360 & Kinect Console

The Xbox 360 is one of the highest selling and most popular games consoles. However it has been plagued by numerous failures after its initial release back in 2005. Microsoft has stepped up its game, and released the new Xbox 360 boasting a 250 gig hard drive, new Kinect add-on and sexy new makeover with a sleek new design, and black gloss finish. So will the new Xbox 360 live up the hype or should you put your gaming dollars towards a PS3 slim?

Good Bits

As aforementioned, the biggest news with this second generation release is that it has a 250 Gig hard drive perfect for storing saved game profiles, music and HD movies and built in WIFI to connect to your home network or router, ready for Xbox LIVE straight out of the box. Kinect (released in November) utilises a 3D camera with an integrated microphone allowing users to interact with specially designed games without using a controller or headset.

Bad Bits

It’s too early to tell whether the ‘ring of death’ and overheating problems of the first Xbox 360 will be fixed in this release. On the minus side, there is no blue-ray in this model either and HDMI cables are an optional extra. One of the biggest downsides of the Xbox 360 has always been the cost for Xbox LIVE compared to the PS3 which does not charge a fee for their service. There is no change with the release of the second generation Xbox 360.

Find the full technical specifications here.


Microsoft has does something really good with the new design and deals with popular game producers like Activision (Developer of Call of Duty titles). We are hoping that the xbox’s teething problems don’t carry forward into this new little monster and it may not be worth upgrading if you haven’t experienced problems with your current model. But if you really want the exclusive Xbox 360 titles, the Wi-Fi and Kinect features or are low on hard-drive space, then this new console from Microsoft is definitely the way to go.


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