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Saturday, January 29, 2011

ProForm Trainer – Trailrunner 4.0: An Android Powered Treadmill

ProForm TrainerProForm Trailrunner 4.0 Treadmill

Who says all you can do on the treadmill is read those tired old magazines or watch television. The ProFrom Trailrunner 4.0 treadmill takes exercising to the next generation by integrating a 10 inch Android tablet into its control station. The tablet relies on WiFi for connectivity but is a fully capable device and allows web browsing, email checking, and social media fun like Twitter and Facebook.

If you like your workout a little more traditional, the tablet can also display the details of your workout such as distance travelled and calories burned but that’s too much like a real workout for most technophiles. You can also sync your workout data with iFit Live to keep track of your transformation from chunky to hunky (or blobby to hottie if you’re a woman).

One of the coolest features though is a simple low-tech one: built-in speakers! That’s right, you don’t have to worry about running right out of your earbuds while bopping along to the beat. Of course playing your music aloud might necessitate putting the Trailrunner in an infrequently used room or risk ticking your housemates off.

Unfortunately the price tag on this puppy is a little large. At nearly $3,000 it feels like you should be getting more for your money—or at least be able to disconnect the tablet from the treadmill (you can’t, so don’t try). However, this is still one slick piece of high tech gym equipment.


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