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Saturday, January 29, 2011

TimeCommand Dock is More than Just an Alarm Clock

Have you ever wanted a third party iDevice that can dim the lights in your bedroom? Neither have I but apparently other folks have. At least that’s what the new TimeCommand dock from Stem Innovation is hoping.

Sure, it may look like a cheap alarm clock that you can slap your iPad onto but it does so much more than just tell time and wake you up when the morning commute has arrived. The device also controls the lighting with an app that you can use manually or set it up automatically so your iDevice will give you mood lighting whenever you see fit. There’s also a built-in Internet radio system so you can stream music and information 24/7 if you so desire.

Like every good alarm clock, there’s also a battery back-up which runs the clock part of this amalgam with your iDevice’s internal rechargeable.

The port on top (and all the apps to run the various add-on features) is fully functional with iPad, iPhone, and a iPod so you can choose the level of garishness you want to display on your bedside table.

While I must admit that the premise of the device is a bit intriguing, the actual execution lacks a little style. The latest iDevices are so stylish that they can’t even be bothered with industry standards like USB ports but this old dock looks like the bargain LCD alarm you picked up while you were in college and just can’t seem to get rid of. In addition, it cost $100 so you’re really going to have to want a robot light-dimming butler a lot to sink that sort of cash into it.


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