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Sunday, January 16, 2011

TRON: Legacy Deluxe Identity Disc


What's In The Box

  • Sam Flynn Deluxe Identity Disc
  • Instruction booklet
  • Display Stand

  • Very detailed and nice-looking.
  • Looks like a quality movie replica of the identity disc from TRON: Legacy.

  • Unresponsive - button presses provide irregular results. Does not always react to disc taps.
  • Not to be thrown but only reacts to taps or hits on outer edges of ring.
  • Display stand is cheaply made.
  • Instructions guide is very lacking.


How does a simple toy like this get so botched? When you press the button on the identity disc sometimes the ring reacts and lights up, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes noise is emitted - sometimes not. This toy isn't constructed well enough to be thrown yet it requires you to tap it against another object which yields slight sound and light reaction. All I wanted from the TRON: Legacy Sam Flynn Identity Disc was to react consistently when the main button is pressed and provide a cool light show, and this is not what you get. If I'm bored and underwhelmed as an adult by this toy I can't really see kids getting into it either. Not recommended unless you really need one of these for a TRON cosplay costume prop. End of line.


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