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Monday, January 17, 2011

Watch tv on the move on HiTv

in car tv

TV on the move

The thought of an in car TV solution is not a new one but the HiTv Pure III claims to be one of the world’s leading digital TV receiver. May cars come with built in DVD players (for the back seats mostly) and sophisticated GPS navigation systems as well. In-car TV systems usually involve a TV tuner and most will use your existing or an additional DVD player screen. Options include setups for backseat headrests screens as well as in-dash-monitors.


As well as watching cinema quality TV in the car and keeping the kids busy and entertained, the third generation HiTv Pure III lets you enjoy extended programming information such as traffic updates, weather reports, news breaks and more and supports a widescreen format. The tuner has a user-friendly interface and is compatible with 9 different HiTV digital TV antennas. It has 16 different user language interfaces and a parental lock function support to keep it away from little fingers.


Safety is a major concern with gadgets such as the HiTv Pure III as they can be very distracting with Texting no longer the biggest road hazard. More than one child can also mean fighting over the channels unless of course you have the twin display and earphones. Always check with your local vehicle authority before installing any visual device(s) in your car. With the cut-off date currently 2013 for analogue TV in in Australia there is no immediate hurry to upgrade to a digital TV receiver.

Find the full technical specifications here


Hi Tv pure III, the worthy successor to Hi Tv pure II is another novel way to add a bit of bling to your car. As more TV stations jump on the digital TV bandwagon, the price of the digital tuners will inevitably go down. Broadcasters and service providers claim that digital television not only means more programmes, but also a better quality picture and audio. Digital TV is here to stay so it’s up to you whether you buy a digital in-car TV tuner like Hi Tv pure III in the first wave or wait until closer to 2013.


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