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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Acer Previews New 10.1-inch Windows Tablet

Technology today can be very fascinating but can be downright confusing, say as compared to the 90’s. Then, desktops where expected to run like desktops, laptops where expected to perform like laptops, smartphones were just seen in James Bond movies, and tablets were meant either for headache or religious laws. Now, the only major differences in desktops and laptops are size and portability, smartphones are everywhere and tablets are the next gadget must haves.
To add to the confusion, Acer unveiled a currently unnamed new 10.1-inch Windows 7 tablet amidst the endless waves of Android-based tablets. Don’t get the wrong impression, confusion is good, why? It means new gadgets today can do more what their predecessors are designed to do. Again for example, the upcoming Acer Windows 7-based tablet effectively combines touch screen user-friendly navigation with the tactile and ergonomic feel of a physical keyboard; it comes with a docking device that includes a full sized QWERTY keyboard and a load of connectivity options. This simple yet ingenious innovation provides optimal comfort and convenience for either portable or home use.
Measuring only 15 mm in depth and less than a kilogram in weight, the 10-inch Windows 7 tablet is proudly thin and light. It will feature high resolution display and will be powered by the next-generation AMD mobile processor that’s expected to go head to head with Qualcomm and Intel based tablets. It will also be outfitted with two 1.3 megapixel cameras for front and back allowing users to take pictures, record videos, and join chat channels and videoconferences. On the other hand, the integrated Wi-Fi and 3G ensures user connectivity anywhere and anytime.


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