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Sunday, February 6, 2011

AMD Phenom II Processor – Make Your Own PC Phenomenal

One of the factors you primarily consider in building up your personal computer is the processor. Being regarded as the wits of the computing machine, the processor must be able to deal with the fast paced technology hence, the faster the processor, the better. AMD knows this demand that’s why they now have the new AMD Phenom II Processors. These multi-core processors guarantee supreme multitasking performance, high definition entertainment, power saving technology, as well as extraordinary quiet performance.

The AMD Phenom II Processor is a pride from every section to the entire system. It is the first real Quad core x86 processor that provides better linked communication with other cores. With the integrated memory controller through AMD64 with Direct Connect Architecture, expect lesser memory latency to increase application performance, cope up with your computing requirements as it balances memory bandwidth and operation, experience the benefit of HyperTransport Technology as it delivers up to 16 GB/s peak bandwidth per processor to reduce input/output bottlenecks, and anticipate up to 37GB/s total delivered processor-to-system bandwidth.

Other notable features of AMD Phenom II processor are HyperTransport Technology for faster access times to system I/O, built-in DRAM Controller with AMD Memory Optimizer Technology for supporting a wide array of memories, AMD Virtualization Technology with rapid virtualization indexing for powerful and secure running of virtualization software, AMD CoolCore Technology for less system power consumption by turning off unused parts of the processor, and Dual Dynamic Power Management for allowing on demand memory performance in efficient energy utilization.

There are already desktops equipped with AMD Phenom II Processors like Phenom II X2, Phenom II X3, Phenom II X4, and Phenom II X6.


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