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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nintendo 3DS

NIntendo 3ds

If 2010 wasn't all about tablets, it was all about 3D. We've seen a huge push on 3D TVs, but some people just aren't on board with having to wear the glasses.

So while everyone else is battling the same problems Nintendo had when it released its first 3D console, the Virtual Boy, the 3DS is getting ready to bring a glasses-free third dimension (other than the regular, real-life one, obviously.

As if simple, comfortable 3D gaming wasn't enough, Nintendo is making sure the 3DS doesn't suffer the same lack of third-party titles the Wii has had (and the N64 had, and the Gamecube, now that we mention it). Some of the biggest names in gaming are already on board, including Metal Gear Solid and two absolutely stunning looking Resident Evil games.


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