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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Play and Learn Chess with Einstein Electronic Chess Game

Chances are, aspiring Chess novices are going to get some royal butt kicking when they go against modern Chess programs like Rybka, Deep Frits or even the old timer Deep Blue. To challenge the steel-cold grand masters of chess, they have to start small – literally. The new compact Einstein Electronic Chess Game might just be perfect gadget for the game’s beginners because of its varying game modes and difficulties. There’s a “Teach mode” for novices, “Are you sure?” coach mode for intermediate players and a tournament level mode for the veterans and experts.

Once the basic movements of each piece are taught, Einstein Electronic Chess adds more lessons like the infamous “Mate in 5 moves”. To set an example of learning from opponent, this device also features a Threat warning indicator that explains why and where, and Info mode that will display what the computer is currently thinking. To maximize learning there’s a scrolling dot matrix display for dialogue messages and a limited chess voice vocabulary.

As players move up in skill, so does the difficulty levels, this electronic chess set has 136 levels, 120 made for play and 16 for analysis. As an added bonus, Einstein can rate your chess skills so that you can gauge how far have you improved. Those who like puzzles can also set-up and enjoy Chess newspaper problems.


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