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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sony quits the production of Walkmans

The Walkman, an icon of the 80s, will be never seen again.

Before there were iPods and other .mp3 players, if you wanted to take your music with you and listen via headphones, odds are you had a Walkman. Introduced 30 years ago, the portable, personal cassette players were an iconic part of the 80s.

Now, they’re antiques.

Sony announced the news that it’s stopped production of the iconic Walkman. The company produced the last run in April. Once they’re sold out, that’s it for the Walkman (except on E-Bay, of course).

The first generationThe first generation Walkman was released on July 1, 1979 in Japan. Although it later became a huge success, it only sold 3,000 units in its first month. Sony managed to sell some 200 million iterations of the cassette Walkman during the product line’s 30-year career.


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