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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Audiovox AVDBR1 Lets you Take Blu-ray On the Road

It is tiny little thing, about the size of a car stereo, and designed to fit right in your automobile. This blows the whole car DVD player right out the window!

The device mounts under the seat or in a storage compartment and give you access to HD video wherever you go. It even comes with an optional WiFi package that will give you access to BD-Live if you need more interactivity with your multimedia experience.

This sounds like a great idea until you realize that most in-car screens are so tiny that the upgrade to HD video really won’t translate into any measurable differences. However, you can bet that mobile HD video screens are right around the corner and until then the AVDBR1 will allow you to take your Blu-ray collection on the road.

While the base system isn’t exactly a bargain ($350) it is about the same as you would expect to pay for a high-end car stereo.

For more information and all the options, hit up the official Audiovox mobile site. Unfortunately, the AVDBR1 isn’t listed in their product offerings yet but with a release date of “spring” it should be showing up awfully soon.


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