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Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Iogear’s Keyboard: Wireless Peripheral Boats Bluetooth Connectivity

Wireless keyboards are becoming so commonplace that when companies announce new models, there really isn’t anything newsworthy on which to report. However, Iogear’s new Bluetooth keyboard is a bit different from the rest of the pack. The GKM611B features a built-in touchpad (a tiny one that’s nearly too small to be of any use anyway) but that won’t get many people excited. Instead, it’s the extensive Bluetooth connectivity that’s going to make this board sell.

Normally a Bluetooth keyboard syncs with one device and you type away. However, the GKM611B can sync with up to 6 different devices with a range of up to 30 feet! Add in customizable hotkeys and you’ve got a serious productivity tool in your hands.

Keyboard: Wireless

No word on battery life though which would be a determining factor if you used your board a lot.

While the board itself is a little large for a wireless device, it weighs in at just under 2 pounds so it won’t break your back. If I had to comment on the design though I would tell Iogear to get out of the eighties and stop making things so boxy.

Still, you can grab one for $79 when they go on sale in spring 2011. The product isn’t listed on Iogear’s website yet, but keep an eye out if you’re interested.


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