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Monday, January 17, 2011

Latest in Wifi Technology Gigiabit Wifi

Wifi Technology

Gigabit WiFi Technology – Fast, Stable, Secure

Gigabit Wifi aims to be up to three times faster than WiFi N and has named named Cisco as the latest backer of the technology with over 20 big name brands already announcing they are supporting the technology. Wireless networking or WiFI has been around for over a decade now, with initial speeds as slow as a few mega bits (mbs) per second to the WiFi B and WiFI N ranges of up to 100mbs. Gigabit Wifi will bring faster speeds, more reliable connections, and wider hotspot areas albeit at a price.


Gigabit Wifi is very fast and will use unlicensed spectrum around 60GHz with a potential performance of up to 7Gbit – that’s 7000Mbit and should be able to attain transmission speeds of around 6Gbps when in use. Speed usually also means a wider surface area for the hotspot – this means your Gigabit router could be in the lounge while you sitting outside near the pool with your laptop. Companies that have jumped on the Gigiabit Wifi bandwagon include Intel, Dell, NEC, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung and Toshiba.


Not available as yet as the ‘powers that be’ need to decide on a uniform standard for the wireless networking. If your router is Gigabit enabled, it doesn’t mean your PC or laptop is – you would probably need to purchase cards or USB Gigabit Cards to take advantage of this when it becomes available. Price is also a factor – like all new technology, early adopters expect to pay more on first generation releases incorporating the technology. The first compatible products are due sometime in 2011.


Thanks to a partnership with Wi-Fi Alliance and WiGig, 60GHz WiFi products are now possible but early adopters may pay the price when products are finally released in 2011. In an ideal world of mobile computing, it would be great if large corporations and telecommunications companies would get Gigabit WiFI and technology off the ground and provide it to the masses for an affordable price so everyone could enjoy the benefits and spoils of the new technology.


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