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Monday, January 17, 2011

Phone home with the Gecko mobile phone for kids

Kids Phones - Gecko

The Gecko phone is truly aimed at kids – young ones. With a built in phonebook, you as the parent can set who they can call. And the phone has an emergency call button just in case. It has up to 6 hours talk time and up to 205 hours standby time. The phone also comes in fun and attractive designs but it is simply does what is designed to do – receive and make telephone calls.

The phone has no number keypad, so kids can’t just call whoever they want. The phone has speed dials for mom and dad and a 000 emergency call button. Parents can program up to 22 numbers on the phone and kids can only call these pre-programmed numbers. You can also restrict the phone to receive calls only from the same 22 numbers. There are also a great range of coloured skins, fun accessories and 12 funky ring tones.
Discover more about the Gecko Phone here.

There is no text ability which is actually a good thing for parents to cap costs not so much for the child. This is aimed at the younger generation, so if you must get your ten year old a phone this is the one to get. An older child might not be impressed by the design and limited features – the phone does not have Internet access or a camera. It is simply just designed to make and return phone calls and does what it does very well.

For any parent out there with active, independent children this is a great phone to buy. Keep in touch with your child and more importantly, give them an easy way to get in touch with you. With a controlled calling network and parent text alerts so you can control costs, the Gecko kid’s mobile phone can give you the peace of mind you need but also allow you to control who your child is calling and put a cap mobile phone bills.


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