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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Marshall Announces New Premium Earphones With mic

Premium earphones seem to be flooding the market but Marshall (an audio leader for decades) has just released a set that manage to maintain a modest price tag in spite of being top-performers. The new Marshall Minors feature a host of upgrades that make them ten times better than those cheap generics you might be thinking of buying but cost under $60!

The first thing you’ll notice is the rather anatomical design. This is what Marshall calls a secure EarClick design which uses the natures swirls and whirls of your outer ear to “fasten” the phone to you head. While no one is going as far as saying that these puppies will never fall out your ears, it’s safe to say that when you’re jamming out to Justine Bieber you stand a better chance of losing you iPod buds.

Another one of the cool additions is the integrated microphone (which, of course, comes with the obligatory line-in) which means you can use these ear phones with a mobile phone as a hands-free device. This might just make them a decent alternative (or replacement) to the stock buds that come with your device.

These phones are now available at your favorite e-tailer.


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