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Monday, January 17, 2011

Nikon Projector-Camera

Business Cameras - Nikon Projector Camera

The new Nikon s1100pj camera has all the features of a normal point and shoot camera but also boasts 14 mega pixels, an impressive built in 14-lumens brightness rating projector, 720p high-definition video recording and SDXC support. The projector is what makes it ideal for boardroom presentations. This bad boy is capable of projecting slide shows and images from its card reader or USB connection out to around 7 feet (that’s just over 2 meters).

The business-friendly Nikon s1100pj is the ideal accompaniment in the boardroom. With the release of the world’s first digital Nikon camera with a built-in projector, in October 2009, this second generation camera has enhanced this feature by adding a USB connection allowing the device to project computer data in addition to photographs and video footage. Projection brightness has also increased by 40%. There is also a 3-inch TFT LCD touch screen and a camera armed with an impressive double digit megapixels.

The projector in a camera is a cool twist but is it worth forking out money to get a new camera or just investing in a high-tech projector? The S1100pj would be like any run of the mill digital camera, if not for the built-in projector. The Nikon Coolpix S1100pj’s built-in projector isn’t going to replace your TV, your office projector or even your old slide projector but it is a fun way to show off your party snaps and travel photos and topple the office geek off his perch.

The projector in a phone is a cool twist but is it worth forking out money to get a new phone or just invest in a high-tech projector? With no competitor on the market apart from the first generation Nikon camera, S1100pj is a unique business gadget and may a big seller for the novelty aspect alone. The portability of the camera is also a plus for business users who may find the projector function useful for work. That said, the idea of incorporating a projector into other consumer devices is not exclusive to cameras.


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