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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Color Up Your Reading Experience with NookColor eReader

There are a lot of things that you can do with an E-book than a classic paperback, and a million more with NOOKCOLOR ereader. This new contender in the eBook market has a few things on its sleeves that set it apart from the competition. It features an exclusive VividView color touch screen that makes reading a more appealing experience. The 7-inch screen uses only the best in display technology with more than 16 million colors and wider viewing angle. The Library of Congress holds around 142,544,498 reading materials, NookColor boasts a near limitless library with its 8 GB of storage space and its Lifetime Library feature that securely “shelves” your electronic books so that you can always get back to it anytime and anywhere. With NookColor you’re not only limited to eBooks, its integrated Wi-Fi will allow you access to one of the greatest source of information up to date – the Internet.

Are you hungry to read, how about over 1 Million free EBooks for an entree? And a million more with daily new additions for dessert, all instantly available just for $9.99 or less. Even your favorite magazines and periodicals are made available in full color delivered right at your e-reader.

The NookColor electronic book reader can be personalized in and out. Inside you can customize your home page, shelves, font, add virtual bookmarks and even online shopping. Outside you can add accessories ranging from European book cloth and Italian leather to screen protectors, car adapters, headphones and power kits.


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