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Sunday, February 6, 2011

N-Control Avenger – Providing you with Ultimate Gaming Advantage

Geeks like you sure have a Microsoft XBOX 360 Controller. Why not get the latest gaming accessory for such gadget, which is dubbed as the N-Control Avenger? This is a powerful adapter designed to give you the ultimate gaming advantage by enhancing your speed, stability, precision, and reaction time. No wonder, it is becoming the most sophisticated weapon in the gaming industry today.

So how does it work? As an external adapter, the Avenger houses your existing XBOX 360 controller to improve gameplay. It clasps the controller’s exterior surface so tightly to provide every user with an immersive gaming experience by means of a very intuitive user-interface. To improve the manual dexterity and situational awareness of the gamer, the said adapter transforms the XBOX 360 controller by improving accuracy and reaction time. The Avenger is a very sophisticated accessory that’s specially made for people who want to take their gaming ability to the next level. It allows gamers to access nine functions simultaneously by allowing for rapid, fluid movements between analogue sticks and individual buttons.


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