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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cyclops Multifunctional Universal Controller – Yet Another Reason to Go to CES 2011

You can bet that no any other all-in-one remote can get more universal than the new GenosTV’s Cyclops Multifunction Universal Controller. Not only does it function as a universal remote control but as a fully operational keyboard and mouse combo as well, making it the perfect gadget for the next generation of Internet-based consumer electronic devices. It’s everything you would want from a remote control except maybe play console games (Then it would just be too good to be true but you could always dream on). Its multi-functions coupled with its unique and bold design even attracted the interests of major international television manufacturers as well a solid fan base clamoring TV couch potatoes. The promise of Cyclops Multifunctional Universal Controller does not end there, the R and D team behind this cool new gadget has been working with the biggest names in TV and electronics industry like Sony, Samsung and Vizio, to incorporate their set requisites and control codes into the Cyclops firmware. With the negotiation and partnerships with different television brands the GenosTV Cyclops is sure to expand their universal remote’s capability. No official words yet if Cyclops will be using Infrared or Bluetooth signal but there’s no harm in wishing for both.


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