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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Take Great Images with iFlash for iPhone

Yes, the camera in your iPhone might be so great, but there’s something in digital cameras that iPhone cameras didn’t have. Do you know what feature is missing? It’s the flash. While your iPhone is capable of providing you with great images in ample light conditions, it can’t give you the same pleasure in poorly lit areas. What if you are in a bar partying with your friends? Would you let that moment pass without taking even one souvenir picture? Fortunately, you now have a way to light up a dark area to take better pictures. A group of boffins out there has invented and introduced the iFlash.

All you need is to attach this accessory to your iPhone via the charging port and presto! It’s ready to light up the scene, allowing you to take great shots. If you are not taking photos, you can keep it fastened to your iPhone, serving as a phone charm until the time you need it again to do its main task. What’s good about the iFlash is that it is small and portable enough so you can bring it just about anywhere you want and use it anytime you need to. It can also serve as a handy flashlight.


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