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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

iLuv iMM747 Audio Cube

The iMM747 Audio Cube is a must-have for every Apple user. It is the industry’s first fully-dedicated iPad stereo docking station that also accommodates your Apple iPhone and iPod. It comes with an adjustable mounting design so it really complements the shape and size of your precious Apple gadget. This Audio Cube also boasts a clean and simple style, reflecting the aesthetic, streamlined, and metallic finish of the iPad itself. Its remarkable resonance and sound clarity plus solid bass and hovering dual speakers make it the ideal iPad desktop or bedside speaker dock.
The Audio Cube’s user-friendly interface offers two speaker channels and every channel features iLuv’s improved jAura Soundcell Technology which displays a tweeter, main audio driver, and powerful built-in radiator subwoofers to deliver heart-thumping base. The iMM747 Audio Cube also takes pride in being outfitted with three jumbo engines that will help take your enjoyment to a whole new level as you take pleasure in listening to amazing sound quality.
The iMM747 Audio Cube offers your iPad with a quick charge whenever it’s docked. It also has a capacity to sync with a PC or Mac to edit or upload content from the iTunes library of the user. This docking station smoothly switches from charging your iPad to syncing it with your PC or Mac without detaching it from the dock. This gadget also ensures easy docking via its adjustable, sliding docking wall, which delivers secure vertical support and a flexible 30 pin connect which automatically adjusts to dock your Apple gadgets.


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