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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Take Photography to New Heights with Casio TRYX

An extreme lifestyle also needs an extreme digital camera to capture breath taking moments. In a way of living reserved only for the daring, Casio dared venture with their new TRYX – a changeable, poseable, hangable camera made for the likes of Peter Parker. Showcasing an innovative never been seen before design, TRYX can easily twist, turn, hand and stand with all the flexibility of a contortionist to get you the shots at angles that many would have thought impossible. This flexible digital camera has 12.1 Megapixels and features Casio’s latest Exilim Engine HS with ultra-bright 3-inch touch screen LCD, High-Speed CS technology, High-Speed Super Resolution Zoom and HDR-Art imaging.

The HDR (High-Dynamic Range) technology takes advantage of the High-Speed CS and ultra-fast large-volume image data processing power of the new Exilim Engine HS to create a completely new kind of digital imaging. The process collates information from a burst of different images and extracts the most detailed portions of each image, taken at different exposures, for a beautiful, first of its kind, wide dynamic range. Meanwhile, the Super Resolution technology increases optical zoom by up to 2 times without distorting the image clarity and quality. This allows clear multiple-magnification zoom without the resorting optical zoom. Powered by the Exilim Engine HS, CS technology instantly shoots and captures multiple images, then analyzes and positions each frame to put together a clear, detailed, final image using an advanced combination technology.

For the digital artist, Casio’s proprietary HDR-Art takes on a totally different approach to photography. It combines a burst of CS images shot at the touch of the shutter button then camera automatically processes the images to create an artistic masterpiece only made possible before by using tripods and image processing software. For panoramic images, there’s the Slide Panorama that offers extremely wide panorama images with a huge field of vision of up to 360 degrees by simply panning the camera across the scene with the shutter button pressed.


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