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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Apple iPod Shuffle 2010 Review

Apple s new 4th generation iPod Shuffle takes the best of the past two generations which is to say that the clickable wheel is back from the second generation iPod Shuffle and the VoiceOver feature still remains from the third. The Shuffle is available in 5 vibrant colors namely silver, blue, green, orange and pink with a storage capacity of 2GB for a price point of Rs 3200. So is this the entry level iPod for you? Let s find out!

Packaging and Content

The iPod shuffle is compactly and neatly packed. Inside the plastic box you will find the iPod shuffle, an Apple sticker, a pair of earphones, and a really short USB cable along with the manual.

First Impressions

The new shuffle is really small and compact. Clip on a blue shuffle to a blue shirt and it is virtually invisible. The device itself feels solid but for all you music buffs, the lack of a screen is immediately felt even with the existence of the VoiceOver Feature. Last but not least; Apple, please change the headphones you provide with the device! At a 1st glance the earphones feel plastiky, and just refuse to stay put in my ears! Whenever I tilted my head left or right, the earphones just fell out.


Setting up the Shuffle is easy enough even if it isn t as easy as dragging and dropping songs. Download iTunes on your Windows or Mac system, import all your songs to iTunes, connect you iPod, Sync it to the System and Walla you are all set to Rock and Roll!


As a standalone MP3 player the Shuffle sounds really good and provides a battery life of up to 15 hours on a complete charge. The device took approximately 3 hours to reach 100% battery charge. Even though the VoiceOver kit is available from Apple for free which enables VoiceOver in 25 languages, it s sad to see that Hindi is not one of the options. The switch off, play in order and shuffle toggle along with the VoiceOver button are conveniently placed on the top of the device but may seem clumps to those with big fingers. The lack of a radio too is felt on the device.


The iPod Shuffle is a very good entry level iPod but the lack of radio capability, and only 2 GB storage capacity for a price point of Rs 3200; you may want to consider your options such as the Philips Go Gear Mix 4GB MP3 player (Approx price is Rs 2799), Sony NWZ-B143F Walkman MP3 Player 4GB (Approx price is Rs 3449), Creative ZEN Mozaic 4GB MP3 Video Player (Approx price is Rs 4150), or the Transcend T.sonic TS4GMP320 (4 GB) MP3 Player (Approx price is 1970)

Price Rs 3200


VoiceOver Feature is useful

Good Sound Quality

Battery life

Compact and easy to clip on



Only 2GB storage/no expandable memory slot.

No radio

No Display


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