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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Helmet Cam – Swann Goes Shockproof with the Head-Mounted Sportscam

This is another one for those of you who like the outdoors but love your tech. The Swann head-mounted sportscam is shockproof, waterproof, and offers incredible functionality at a bargain price. So if you want to record your most adventurous outdoors adventures this is the puppy for you… unless you want HD.

No, this camera won’t give HD (or anywhere near it) and is limited to 640 X 480. However, the fact that you can cram 5 hours of footage on a little 16GB microSD card is nothing to sneeze at. That’s long enough for a bike ride up and down the mountain. Unfortunately, the rechargeable battery is only good for 2.5 hours so somewhere in there you have to rest for a recharge. Still, 2.5 hours of recording at a whack isn’t bad.

Helmet Cam

While the camera is intended to be (or at least works best when) head-mounted you’ll find a bunch of other accessories in the box so you can rig up your own customized mounting options if you wish. You can even use the camera outside its protective waterproof housing if you desire.

You wouldn’t expect to pay much for a camera with such low resolution in the days of the HD obsessed and you won’t have to. $99 gets you one of these when they go on sale in the US next month. You can save the rest of your cash to actually plan a vacation during which to use the camera.


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