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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sony's PS 4

There have been a lot of concept images for the next generation of Playstation consoles... some of them are radically different from others, and it is really amazing to see where we are technologically, so ready for that next step. You can see through many of the concept images that have been submitted to that there is a real tech gap.

So lets take a look at some of the next gen, Playstation 4, gaming consoles concept images and designs.

This is a great design a lot more traditional then several others, click to view full image.

This one below is one of the most popular concept images circulating the rumor mill. This Playstation 4 concept image shows off the use of possible fiber optic wiring to have a seamless and/or clear background on the PS4 console, making it one of the most space aged (and still possible) Playstation concepts that have been submitted.
The Playstation 4 concept above is one of the cleanest looking designs that I have been able to come across, or that has been submitted to The main problems that can be seen now with this design is the lack of motion controllers (although even in Playstation 4 this could be an additional add-on to the system, as it is with the upcoming Playstation Move). Otherwise this Playstation 4 console is a very possible candidate , with a great retro design and sleek look, you never know...
The Playstation 4 concept below, Red and White, was the winning design submitted for the Playstation 4 concept design image contest. Featuring another very retro look and also lacking the motion control device that will surely accompany the next generation of Playstation consoles. The main reason that none of the concepts include any type of motion controller (such as the Playstation Move) is because all of these concept designs were created before the official announcement of such... With the introduction of the Playstation Move it is certain that the Playstation 4 will feature motion control gaming, hopefully even compatible with the Playstation Move.
The cloud and the Playstation 4 concept below are also leaning more to the sci-fi versions. Clearly leaning on the next tech jump both appear to offer some type of holograph or hologram display. While this would make for an amazing gaming system, it is not likely to be completed (or even truly considered) by the expected Playstation 4 announcement date of sometime late in 2012.


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